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Whether you are a first time learner of Japanese, or you would like to improve your level of speaking, writing and learning Japanese. Every lesson and course is structured around your requirements

Japan is a world away

Learning a language, is a lifelong journey. Each lesson, you will notice improvements. Your skills will refine, knowledge increased, and confidence furthered. Then will you find you can reach more goals.

Master yourself

Each day, you will gain improvements and find yourself better than yesterday, in speaking, writing, listening, in Japanese. Making the choice to learn or improve your Japanese, is the biggest step, after that, it's smooth sailing at Sunshine Japanese.

Live your dreams

The country, people, customs are very different and sometimes distant from the ones you are used to, be amazed by the Japanese way, then be inspired to dive into the world of Japan. Japan may be a far off distant place but it can be brought closer through the study of the Japanese language and culture.

Be able to speak, listen, write, and even think in Japanese. Whether on your next trip or even in your home city, communicating and interacting with native Japanese speakers will come natural. Enjoy experiencing Japan everywhere you go.

Always dreamt of travelling, working, studying in Japan?

Start learning or improving your Japanese language skills and knowledge and jump into your dream at Sunsine Japanese.




Hello, my name is Yoko O’Brien, a Japanese teacher and founder of Sunshine Japanese, Cairns, Australia. I have been teaching Japanese in Cairns since 2007, although I was also teaching in Japan before that. I love travelling around Japan, and enjoy talking about the culture and places to visit, which integrate into my lessons in a fun and motivating way.

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Learn in Person

or learn Online

Courses  (subject to change without notice)

Course fee (both in person and via Zoom) : payment through an Australian bank
  • Travel Japanese course in a group of family/friends: 1 hour x 5 lessons, fixed schedule once a week / fee – $140 upfront

  • Private Travel Japanese course: 1 hour x 5 lessons, flexible schedule / fee – $190 upfront

  • General Japanese course in a group of friends (Beginner to upper levels): 1 hour x 10 lessons, fixed schedule once a week / fee – $280pp upfront

  • Family private lesson (2 people): flexible schedule / fee – $55 for 1 one-hour lesson (more than 2 people available with an extra fee)

  • Private lesson: flexible schedule / fee – $40 for 1 one-hour lesson; or $190 for 5 one-hour lessons

  • Oshaberi Club: held once a month, one-hour lesson, able to enroll each time / fee – $30 each time

*You can have a level check for free beforehand, except a travel and a beginner course.

Course contents

Travel Japanese course: 1 hour x 5 lessons
  • No previous knowledge required

  • Learn what to say when traveling in Japan: such as check-in/ check-out; ask for directions; in taxi; at a restaurant; at a station and so on

  • Provided with useful travel information about what Japanese do in certain situations, which will ease your trip

  • If you are interested in learning more after having completed this course, you will be able to start a beginner Japanese course with discount

Beginner Japanese course (General): 1 hour x 10 lessons
  • Learn from the ground up

  • Obtain a basic understanding of Japanese grammar and culture which is especially related to the language to make your learning developing with ease

  • Focus on conversation; however, this course includes study of the Japanese alphabet letters which is called hiragana

  • At the end of this course, you will be able to introduce yourself / some others; ask what an item is; show/ ask where a certain place is; ask how much it is; tell/ ask time and date; and talk about your day, where to go

  • At the end of this course, you will be able to enjoy your travel in Japan to the full with essential communication as well as greetings. Good preparation for your next trip to Japan

  • Also, you can move on to the next level of the module

Elementary Japanese course 1 (General): 1 hour x 10 lessons, once a week
  • Continuously focus on conversation; and also learn hiragana in order to be able to read sentences only in hiragana

  • At the end of this course, you will be able to talk about basic daily life, what you do/did; therefore, you will be able to start posting Japanese messages on Facebook or any social media

  • Not only one direction message but also intercommunication with Japanese will you be able to approach.

  • Also, you can move on to the next level of the module

General Japanese courses (Upper than Elementary 1): 1 hour x 10 lessons, once a week

Private lessons: flexible

  • Completely tailored lessons to your demands for both contents and time schedule.

  • Especially for people in the intermediate or upper level, a free conversation lesson will help in developing vocabularies, grammar and expression related to own life and opinions.

Oshaberi (chat) Club: 1 hour, once a month (2 people or more)
  • Situational conversation lesson: a scenario will be provided allowing you to participate through casual conversational chat between each other.

  • Aiming to utilise your knowledge and skills to increase your confidence in conversation

  • 2 groups, elementary to pre-intermediate and intermediate or higher, separately



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Booking for online private lessons from outside of Australia. Credit card payment is set up here, so you can book and learn online from your country. You can book one 1-hr lesson every time, or five 1-hr  or ten 1.5-hr lessons all upfront. If you like to have online lessons with your family, please give a message and I will give you a family plan.

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