"I have been studying Japanese with Yoko since 2010. The day of our first lesson, I didn’t speak a word of Japanese, but after no time at all I found myself shedding my English training wheels, communicating only in Japanese during our lessons. I became extremely confident in speaking Japanese, to the extent that many Japanese speakers thought I had experience living in Japan. Today, I am fluent, though I still continue my classes with Yoko for consolidation and to learn even more vocabulary. Yoko is a dynamic teacher that will cater her lesson style to your needs. Coming from someone who started from the very beginning I can confidently tell you that, whether you’re a beginner or advanced, Yoko will go above and beyond to help you reach your language learning goals!"


from C.W. (learning Japanese with Yoko since October 2010): written on 04/11/2020

"Yoko-sensei is a great teacher at all levels. She is very responsive and flexible to the learning needs of her students and it is a pleasure going to lessons. I highly recommend anyone interested in learning Japanese to learn with her."

from C.B. (learning Japanese with Yoko since March 2012): written on 20/11/2020


"Learning Japanese with Sunshine Japanese is great! Yoko-sensei is really patient and puts a lot of thought into lesson planning and student progression. You can learn at your own pace in a friendly and supportive environment."

from E.K. (learning Japanese with Yoko since March 2012): written on 02/02/2021


"I have been on a continuous learning journey with Yoko for eight years as a truly special teacher.  To achieve any level of Japanese language competency is a significant challenge – Yoko has made this possible for me.  Yoko is always patient; understanding of my knowledge and knows how to gently guide me along the pathway.  Her teaching is tailored to my needs; varied and enthusiastic; whilst always ensuring my on-going progress.  Yes, I’m a fan and recommend her kind teaching."

from S.J. (learning Japanese with Yoko since October 2012): written on 26/11/2020


"I highly recommend Yoko O’Brien to anyone looking for an excellent Nihongo Sensei (Japanese teacher). Yoko-san is dedicated to her students and goes out of her way to tailor lessons to what is best suited to each individual student. This could be for study, travel, work, even helping prepare and practise speeches to present during school homestays in Japan. Her patience, guidance and generosity over the years is greatly appreciated and I am so grateful to have Yoko-san as my Nihongo Sensei. "

from C.A. (learning Japanese with Yoko since September 2013): written on 20/06/2021