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Sunshine Newsletter for September 2021

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra are in lockdown now, and Japan still has a lot of cases. Many Sunshine members love snow in Japan, but it would be unlikely for us to go skiing or snowboarding in the next winter season in Japan. That would be the same for people in Japan. Under this condition, there are more opportunities than before to watch Japanese events online. Please search and find something you like.


Workshop & Kōryū-kai (gathering) :

We will have a workshop and Kōryū-kai this month.

Have you heard furoshiki? Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese cloth for wrapping and/or makes it easy to carry stuff. For example, you can wrap a picnic lunch box and a wine bottle by using furoshiki or using it as an eco-friendly bag. There are a lot of ways to use furoshiki. In the furoshiki workshop, you will learn and experience some ways. Each participant will get one furoshiki to take home.

It is a Wikipedia link about furoshiki.


Please ask me for further information.

I look forward to your participation. RSVP: 18th September

Time: 1:00 pm, Saturday, 25th September

Place: Sunshine Japanese classroom

Fee: $15


Oshaberi Club:

Oshaberi club (where you can practice your Japanese conversational skills with other participants who are interested in a certain topic) comprising two groups, one being elementary to pre-intermediate and the other being intermediate or higher. Please feel free to jump in and enjoy this fun challenge.

***GROUP 1: Intermediate or higher*** We have been practising a casual conversation. To utilise that style, we will chat about a picture or a video after watching it. Describe what you see, how you feel about that, what has come to your mind from that, etc. The picture/video will be something about Japan or Japanese people. So just imagine you see it in Japan and chat about that with Japanese people there.

Time: 1:00 pm, Saturday, 18th September

***GROUP 2: Elementary to pre-intermediate*** Don’t hesitate, and just give a go! Let’s talk about your most previous trip to Japan, what you like, what you didn’t like, tell us what was interesting, fun, cool or new that you discovered. Bring some photos, prints, gift (Omiyage), trinket, anything that you brought back from your travels and let’s chat about it this Oshaberi club. Please come and join us.

Time: 3:00 pm, Saturday, 18th September

For both groups, please book your attendance so that I can organise the groups. Try to book at the earliest time to reserve your spot as you don’t want to miss out.

Place: Sunshine Japanese

Fee: $30

Enrolment: email Yoko at yoko@sunshinejapanese.com.au / RSVP: 15th September


メンバーのおしゃべりも とても自然(しぜん)な会話(かいわ)になってきました。










りょこうのしゃしんや 日本(にほん)のものをもってきて、みせてください。






News corner:

Japanese Bon Dance Festival 2021

Japanese Bon Dance Festival will be coming back this year. Bon dance festivals are one of the biggest summer events in Japan. You can experience Japanese Bon dance, music performance I guess would be Japanese taiko drums, Japanese street foods and much more! And fireworks at night! They will have more than 60 prizes for the mega charity raffle, which is for pre-sale. If you would like the raffle ticket, please get it at You-Mart, Nippon-ya or Ebisudo. Please check their Facebook page for further information.

Date: 11th September, Saturday

Time: 2:00pm-8:00pm

Place: Western Event Lawn on Esplanade

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cairnsbondancefestival

You-Mart: Shop 4C, 113-117 Sheridan St (Civic shopping centre)

Nippon-ya: 4/21-25 Lake St (next to Corporate Tower)

Ebisudo: Civic shopping centre





Sunshine Japanese サンシャイン・ジャパニーズ

Yoko O’Brien オブライエン陽子(ようこ)

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