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Sunshine Newsletter for November 2020

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We have left two more months for 2020, which we have been getting nightmares through. Hopefully, we can get this circumstance reset and get a new year started with refresh minds. For this ending, I would like to look back on what I did, what I could have done, what I can be grateful with, etc. One of my biggest gifts this year is the growth of Sunshine members (students) and mates (Instagram followers and podcast listeners). With the COVID-19 restrictions, many members had a time off, but some have already resumed lessons. Also, new members joined in after most of the restrictions are over. One of Japanese sayings is if you end it in a good way, you see it good entirely. Set a plan and get prepared for the end of 2020.


Workshop & Kōryū-kai (gathering) :

Unfortunately, we will have no workshop & koryū-kai this month again.



Oshaberi Club:

Oshaberi club (where you can practice your Japanese conversational skills with other participants who are interested in a certain topic) consisting of two groups, one being elementary to pre-intermediate and the other being intermediate or higher. Please feel free to jump in and enjoy this fun challenge.

***GROUP 1: Intermediate or higher*** This month, we will have picture games. We had it once before and we will give it a go again under the club members’ request. One member will describe one picture and the others will draw what they have heard. It is a good practice for speakers to think how to describe in order to get the listeners understand easily and for listeners to focus on listening. It’s going to be fun.

Please come and join us.

Time: 1:00 pm, Saturday, 21st November

***GROUP 2: Elementary to pre-intermediate*** Don’t hesitate, and just give a go! Let’s talk about your most previous trip to Japan, what you like, what you didn’t like, tell us what was interesting, fun, cool or new that you discovered. Bring some photos, prints, gift (Omiyage), trinket, anything that you brought back from your travels and let’s chat about it this Oshaberi club.

Please come and join us.

Time: 3:00 pm, Saturday, 21st November

For both groups, please book your attendance so that I can organise the groups. Try to book at the earliest time to reserve your spot as you don’t want to miss out.

Place: Sunshine Japanese

Fee: $30

Enrolment: email Yoko at yoko@sunshinejapanese.com.au / RSVP: 18th November


メンバーのおしゃべりも とても自然(しぜん)な会話(かいわ)になってきました。












りょこうのしゃしんや 日本(にほん)のものをもってきて、みせてください。






News corner:

FNQ-Japan Week "A celebration of Japanese Culture"

Japanese consulate in Cairns will hold a FNQ-Japan week from the 1st to 8th of November. They will upload videos on their You Tube channel introducing Japanese culture every day, at 3:00 pm. We can enjoy Japanese culture online. The reason for this is that the annual “Cairns Bon-Odori Festival”, one of the area’s most important Japanese cultural events, was cancelled this year. Also, the 3rd of November 3rd is a public holiday, Culture Day, in Japan. Experience Japan online!



Sunday, 1st November:

Japanese (drums) wadaiko, (guitar) samisen, and (recorder) shakuhachi performance from Japan and opening Remarks by Director Uchida Akira and Mayor Bob

Monday, 2nd November:

Japanese (harp) koto performance from Kuranda and Cairns’ sister city, Minami-cho

Tuesday, 3rd November:

Yosakoi dance from Cairns

Wednesday, 4th November:

Tea ceremony from Cairns

Thursday, 5th November:

Traditional Japanese cakes from Kuranda

Friday, 6th November:

Japanese drums from Cairns and Cairns’ sister city, Oyama city

Saturday, 7th November:

Origami from Cairns

Sunday, 8th of November:

J-Pop from Japan

11月(じゅういちがつ)1日(ついたち)から11月(じゅういちがつ)8日(ようか)まで、オンライン日本(にほん)文化(ぶんか)週間(しゅうかん)「FNQ-JAPAN WEEK」があります。YouTubeで日本(にほん)の文化(ぶんか)が楽(たの)しめます。8日間(ようかかん)毎日(まいにち)午後(ごご)3時(さんじ)にイベントがアップロードされます。

Japanese Film Festival Satellite in Cairns 2020

The Japanese Film Festival Satellite (FKA Regional) Program will tour Cairns with three contemporary Japanese films, screening for free. Check out details as below.

Venue: Stockland Shopping Centre

Cost: Free admission. Reservations required. (Please go to each link to book a movie/movies you want to watch.)

Film program & schedule:

1. Penguin Highway SUNDAY, 15 NOV; 10AM

Booking: http://jffau.net/CairnsPenguinHighway

2. The Reverse Diaries SUNDAY, 15 NOV; 1PM

Booking: http://jffau.net/CairnsTheReverseDiaries

3. ​Shoplifters SUNDAY, 15 NOV; 4PM

Booking: http://jffau.net/CairnsShoplifters

The Japanese Film Festival Satellite (FKA Regional) Program が今年(ことし)もあります。今年(ことし)は、特(とく)に予約(よやく)を忘(わす)れないでくださいね。何人(なんにん)入(はい)ることができるか、分(わ)かりません。予約(よやく)は、映画(えいが)毎(ごと)に要(い)ります。楽(たの)しんできてくださいね。

Once again, I wish we can get everything back to normal soon all over the world. And we can fly to Japan whenever we want.

If anyone has any other information or news to share, please let me know via email or in your next lesson.




Sunshine Japanese サンシャイン・ジャパニーズ

Yoko O’Brien オブライエン陽子(ようこ)

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