Sunshine Newsletter for March 2022

We have slightly more and more open to come back to the circumstance before COVID. I’ve heard one Japanese school started to plan their school trip to Cairns for this year. I look forward to seeing Japanese school kids wearing their uniform in the city again. I, of course, look forward to our travels to Japan as well.


Workshop & Kōryū-kai (gathering) :

I would like to restart a workshop and Kōryū-kai next month. If you have any ideas/requests about the next and/or future workshops, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.


Oshaberi Club:

The first Oshaberi club for 2022! Finally, it would be ok to have a group activity in the classroom. But we will start with Japanese lunch at a Japanese restaurant, Four Cinq. We will order in Japanese, chat in Japanese and also talk about expressions for restaurant/café situations. We can have this club activity all together from any levels.

Time: 12:00 pm, Saturday, 26th March

Place: Four Cinq (Shop 6/20 Lake St)

Fee: Your lunch





News corner:

Japan Day of Hope

“Japan Day of Hope” was an annual charity even in Cairns, where we could support children who still can’t freely play outside in Fukushima. The support used to bring some of those children to Cairns and they could experience and enjoy full of nature such as blue sky, green mountain, animals, etc. Hopefully, this chance will be coming back soon.

This year, we can watch their heart-warming messages and performance on YouTube. It will be uploaded soon. Once I find the link, then I will put it here.

今年(ことし)もJapan Day of HopeがYouTubeで見(み)られます。まだリンクが見(み)つかりませんでしたが、もうすぐアップロードされると思(おも)います。見(み)つかったら、リンクをここに足(た)しますね。




Sunshine Japanese サンシャイン・ジャパニーズ

Yoko O’Brien オブライエン陽子(ようこ)

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